Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother of the Universe 🙂



Śrī Nṛsiṃhadeva

An offering on the appearance day of Śrī Nṛsiṃha….


Nrsimha 1

Nrsimha 2

Our only source of protection!!!!

My humble attempt in sketching him… I took the original sketch by Mahanta Prabhu from ISKCON Los Angeles as a source of inspiration…


‎Jàgannātha, Baladeva & Subhadrā

This is my personal take on Lords ‎Jàgannātha and Baladeva, and Lady Subhadrā. Lately, I have been trying to incorporate mandalas into my creations, and this was the perfect combination.


And that’s part of the altar!



Pāñchajanyam (Conchshell)

Rashmi Krishnappa inspired me to do this piece of art work I am posting today.

Here is her original artwork. She is one of the most amazing artists I have ever seen. A big thanks to her. 🙂

Here’s my take! Like most of my artwork , I have been inspired by Vaishnavism and this Shankhu (conchshell) is definitely one of the elaborate drawings I have tried out.


Disclaimer: I have only tried to recreate her picture as a hobby, like I do with most artwork I like. For purchasing prints, please contact her.